The terms and conditions offered here represent the agreement between you and 247 W CABS. Booking a taxi and the service indicates that you just have categorically accepted the terms and conditions as they’re listed within the agreement.


247 W CABS and “we” or “us” refers to the corporate providing the service. The terms “you” and “your” will sit down with a person, business or company creating a booking with us


2.1 You’re needed to allot enough time for the journey to permit you to arrive on time. This includes all that wherever you’re needed to arrival at a particular time for your flight. 247 W CABS won’t be to blame for any delay that has been caused by your inability to allot enough time to succeed in your destination on time or if you are doing don’t seem to be able to be collected at the allotted time.

2.2 It’s your responsibility to order an automobile of appropriate size for all of the travellers and baggage. 247 W CABS makes no guarantee to hold an excessive quantity of baggage. Please remember that toddlers, regardless of the age of the kid, are considered one traveler.

2.3 Anyone requiring chair access ought to request this at the purpose of booking.


3.1 247 W CABS provides a quotation supported data that has been provided by you. All prices, unless otherwise explicit, are exclusive of VAT and if this charge is applicable, this may be charged additionally. If any there are material changes to the explicit itinerary, we have a tendency to reserve the correct to change the provided quote.

3.2 Our quote contains a fifty minutes waiting amount when the explicit landing time, and therefore the value of parking at the airport. Any waiting period in excess of this time will be charged at the standard 247 W CABS waiting rate. We will do our greatest to review flight details and provide our service consequently if there are delays however we have a tendency to don’t seem to be duty-bound to try.

3.3 Upon accepting a quote from us, you’ll receive confirmation of the booking. Please take the time to review this confirmation and make sure that it’s correct. If you don’t notify 247 W CABS we have a tendency to not be to blame for any delays or prices that arise thanks to this error.

3.4 Payment for journeys with us is created via money, master card or debit card.


4.1 If the vehicle is soiled, damaged or negatively wedged on by the traveler, a charge could also be applied to hide cleansing prices.

4.2 You’re not permissible to eat, drink or smoke within the automobile.

4.3 We have a tendency to don’t seem to be allowed to hold additional passengers than is explicit by licencing or insurance.


5.1 If you’ve got to cancel along with your booking with 247 W CABS, you ought to contact as presently as you most likely. If you are doing not cancel a vehicle till when it’s been sent, a charge are incurred. These charges are supported the time and distance lined by the motive force to the purpose of cancellation.

5.2 If you’ve got engaged through our on-line booking system and you cancel before the vehicle has been sent, a charge could also be leaved on the first payment.


6.1 Whereas 247 W CABS are able to confirm you arrive on time at your destination, we have a tendency to don’t seem to be responsible for any losses incurred thanks to delays that are on the far side our management.

6.2 Your baggage is carried at your own risk.

6.3 If the vehicle breaks down throughout your journey with 247 W CABS, we’ll do what we are able to supply another automobile to permit you to finish your journey as quickly as you most likely can.

6.4 You’ll not indemnify 247 W CABS for any expenses, damages, prices or losses that arise from any omission or act from anyone in your party.

6.5 No party concerned is in a position to exclude or limit their liability for private injury or death that ash been caused by negligence or deceitful falsity or willful default, or for the other matter that is classed as unenforceable by all/any applicable laws.


7.1 We have a tendency to reserve the correct to terminate or refuse a booking, with immediate result, if any vehicle or driver is placed in danger, whether or not through abuse, violence or injury, from you or the other traveler. There’ll be no refunds provided for any journey that has been terminated throughout the rent.


8.1 247 W CABS might subcontract their obligation as explicit during this agreement. You’ll not assign, delegate or transfer any of the obligations or rights you hold, below this agreement.

8.2 A pair of 247 W CABS might alter the terms and conditions at any time and may do therefore by creating these changes to the current page. Please make sure to review these terms and conditions on a daily basis to confirm that you just are attentive to the applicable changes. Any existing bookings are undertaken at applier rates that were in result at the purpose of creating a booking.

8.3 We store, use and method data with relevancy the rules of the information Protection Act of 1988.

8.4 This agreement represents the complete agreement between 247 W CABS and yourself.

8.5 There’s nothing contained in these terms and conditions that are supposed to confer any advantage or profit to a 3rd party. No third party maintains the correct to enforce rights below this agreement unless agreement has been place in site in writing.


9.1 This agreement are undertaken in accordance with English law with you and 247 W CABS agreeing to follow the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts with regards to any claim or dispute of matters connected with this agreement.